Kiribati Green Energy Solution Limited

Crossway Road, Port Area, PO Box 493, Betio K10108, Tarawa – Republic of Kiribati

Title of the document Powering Kiribati through Green Energy Solutions

About KGES

Kiribati Green Energy Solution, a State-Owned Enterprise was established on 14 November 1984 under the Company Ordinance Cap 10A. It is a leading Government implementing agency in the energy sector deal with any renewable energy initiatives in Kiribati.

The Company aim to establish itself in leading Kiribati as the most trusted partner in providing green energy solutions as set out in its Mandates. In 2020, the reformation and renaming of the Company (commonly known then as Kiribati Solar Energy Company) was conducted with the core objective is to broaden its scope in providing services with renewable energy including solar energy, wave energy, wind energy and other RE technologies that is applicable in Kiribati.

The Kiribati Green Energy Solution headquarter office building is located in Betio, Tarawa Island. The Company currently have 3 branch office buildings located in London Kiritimati Island, Tebikerai Maiana Island and Nuotaea Abaiang Island. The Company also have outlet retail store located in Bonriki International Airport, Tarawa. There is a development plan for the Company’s branch office buildings to be established and reached all outer islands with the ongoing rural electrification project.


Our Services

  • Energy Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Manufacturing Controllers
  • Outer Island Logistics

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